Ages 1 1/2-2 1/2

Ages 1 1/2-2 1/2

Why is dance important?

First and foremost, dance is important because it’s fun! Our teachers are dancers themselves and share their passion with their students. Additionally, the National Dance Education Organization says that dance trains a better combination of flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination than most other physical pursuits. But beyond that, educators are increasingly recognizing the importance of the arts on cognitive development. Creative and aesthetic pursuits like dance have been repeatedly linked to improved physical, mental, and social well being, as well as academic achievement. More than ever, dance and the arts are being recognized as essential pieces of a complete education by leading teachers, administrators, and educational philosophers.

Why start so young?

Your child’s still getting comfortable on two legs. Are they really ready to start dance lessons? Absolutely! Pediatricians like David Geller of say it’s a great idea for young children to begin rolling and playing in a group setting.Young children learn by mimicking, and trying out new ways of moving their bodies builds coordination and motor skills. It’s not about mastering technique, but about beginning to learning body movement in a safe and fun setting, and beginning to build social skills while mommy is still there.

Are they really going to learn Ballet and Tap?

Our teachers aren’t expecting your little one to learn complex choreography, but there’s no reason they can’t learn simple poses or even a basic routine (according to parenting website What To Expect) with some help from mom. Stepping to music can be lots of fun. There’s a good chance your child notices, even dances, when he or she hears music. Our classes are all about encouraging that joy.

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