Why Our Dance Studio is Different

Small Class Sizes: Maximum 7 per class ages 1 1/2-2 years; 10 per class for ages 3-5; 12 per class for Hip Hop Jr.;  and 13 per class for ages 6 and up.

Our studios are equipped with floating Marley Dance Floors which help reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance for longer without getting tired.

Choice of more than 1 teacher for each dance type to fit your child’s personality and learning style.

Mirrors start at floor level so that dancers can see their feet from anywhere on the floor.

Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day.

Our dance teachers and desk staff are all First Aid and CPR certified.

All costumes are purchased for you  and a complimentary seamstress is provided – no hassle for parents!

NO Annual Registration Fees!

Ability to take music lessons at the same location and save travel time between activities.