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Why Choose Us?

  • Professional 'Floating Marley Dance Floors' reduce fatigue and prevent injury
  • Small class sizes
  • Customer service - desk staff available during class times for assistance
  • Wide selection of class times to fit your busy schedule
  • University trained teachers
  • Instructions in rock, classical, pop, jazz and more
  • Optional, low pressure recitals

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  • My daughter has been taking various dance lessons here since they opened. She loves the instructors who are all awesome and great with the kids. Every summer, they have dance recitals that are wonderfully organized and coordinated. Santa Monica School of Dance and Music rocks!

    Kristine D.

  • My daughter has taken lessons for 2 years. It is a wonderful studio with wonderful teachers! We also love the summer camps, especially the all-in-one camp. The studio is well kept and the staff are always friendly. The annual recital is amazing!

    Sharon D.

  • The dance instructors are really amazing with children! They have so much positive energy! Additionally, they have a ton of classes throughout the week and are extremely flexible with make ups. Everyone goes out of their way to be friendly and accommodating. Overall it's been a really great experience!


  • The classes are smaller than other dance studios, so there is more opportunity for one-on-one instruction. I have recommended this studio to many of my friends with kids and would recommend it anyone who is looking for a dance studio. This studio is definitely the best dance and music school in Santa Monica!

    Krista P.

  • Santa Monica School of Dance and Music has been such a wonderful dance studio. The staff is friendly and kind. Easy to get to. Parking right in front. It's not your play around and do a few dance moves. It's serious but applicable to their age. We love this dance studio!

    Ybarra F.

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Dance Company

Santa Monica School Of Dance & Music has a performing group for students in ages 7-18yrs. The program offers opportunities for dancers to perform in ballet, jazz, and lyrical. Groups are separated by age and class levels. To be a member of the SDM Dance Company, dancers must be enrolled in either a ballet or jazz class in addition to dance company class. In addition to the class requirements your company dancer will need to attend a company rehearsals scheduled as needed before performances. The students may choose which style of dance they would like to perform in and are not required to take all styles of dance.  

In addition to their regular classes performing in our end of the year June recital, a company dancer will participate in a company performance.

A Note on Hip Hop & Tap:
Hip Hop is great for those who want to increase their performance skills and be comfortable moving on the dance floor in social settings.  Tap is wonderful for those who want to increase their tap and rhythm skills and musicality. For those seriously technically training in Ballet and Jazz classes we advise to add Hip Hop and Tap as a 5th class option weekly or adding it in their preteen years. It is much easier for dancers to learn tap in their preteen years once they have been technically trained. However each dancer and family have different goals. For those specifically targeting only Hip Hop, we suggest taking twice a week to be exposed to different styles that naturally come about through different teachers.  

Does your dance company attend competitions?

 We prefer to focus on performance over competition. Even when proponents of competitive dance talk about the benefits of dance competitions, most of the positives have to do with performance – focusing on technique to polish a routine, social benefits from performing for an audience, that sort of thing. It’s not to say that competition is inherently bad, but it’s often implemented in ways which are not beneficial to kids’ development both as people and as dancers.

Santa Monica School of Dance & Music provides dance classes and music lessons to the greater West LA area for all ages in a professional and friendly environment.

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